Two series of static full-scale lateral pile cap tests were conducted on pile caps with different aspect ratios, with full width (homogeneous) and limited width backfill conditions involving loose sand and dense gravel. The limited width backfills were constructed by placing a relatively narrow zone (3 to 6 ft (0.91 to 1.83 m)) of higher density gravel material adjacent to the cap with loose sand beyond the gravel zone. Test results indicated that large increases in lateral passive resistance could be expected for limited width backfills. The main focus of this study is to assess the contribution of plane strain stress effects and 3D geometric end effects to the total passive resistance mobilized by limited width backfills, using soil and pile cap properties associated with the field tests. For this purpose, the finite element program, PLAXIS 2D was used to investigate the static plane strain passive behavior of the full-scale tests. To validate the procedure, numerical results were calibrated against analytical results obtained from PYCAP and ABUTMENT. The analytical models were additionally validated by comparison with measured ultimate passive resistances. The calibrated model was then used to simulate the passive behavior of limited width gravel backfills. Parametric studies were also executed to evaluate the influence of a range of selected design parameters, related to the pile cap geometry and backfill soil type, on the passive resistance of limited width backfills. Numerical results indicated that significant increases in passive resistance could be expected for long abutment walls where end effects are less pronounced and the geometry is closer to a plane strain condition. Comparisons between measured and numerical results indicated that using the Brinch-Hansen 3D correction factor, R3D, as a multiplier to the plane strain resistances, will provide a conservative estimate of the actual 3D passive response of a pile cap with a limited width backfill. Based on results obtained from the parametric studies, a design method was developed for predicting the ultimate passive resistance of limited width backfills, for both plane strain and 3D geometries.



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Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology; Civil and Environmental Engineering



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abutment, gravel, compacted fill, passive force, lateral earth pressure