This study used structural equation modeling (SEM) to examine how sleep problems, Body Mass Index (BMI), and poverty were related to several work, personal, and family variables in a sample of married male and female workers in the United States. The data for this study came from the National Study of the Changing Workforce (NSCW) 2008. This large, nationally representative dataset provided a resource for examining potential gender differences in variables that have been linked to sleep problems and increases in BMI, as well as how each of these variables relate to several work, personal, and family life outcomes, including marital satisfaction, work-to-family conflict, family-to-work conflict, self-reported health (SRH), and life satisfaction. Poverty, work hours, family meals, and workplace flexibility were analyzed in the model to assess their connections to sleep problems and BMI, as well as the five outcome variables. The SEM analysis utilized a multi-group gender comparison by analyzing differences between two group models consisting of married male employees (n = 1105) and married female employees (n = 1019) in the U.S. The model was significantly different for married males than married females. Several of the individual pathways in the model also differed significantly by gender. Family dinners and workplace flexibility seem to provide a positive influence on health and satisfaction outcomes, and relate negatively to sleep problems and BMI, as well as both types of work and family conflict. Sleep problems also were related to increased work-family conflict, and decreased health and satisfaction outcomes. Also, BMI scores were negatively related to self-reported health and life satisfaction. Overall, this study showed that several work and family demands and resources are related to sleep problems and BMI. It also demonstrated that sleep problems and BMI were generally related to negative outcomes in work, personal, and family life.



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Family, Home, and Social Sciences; Family Life; Marriage, Family, and Human Development



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sleep problems, body mass index, self-report health, work-family conflict, family meals, workplace flexibility