Pile groups are often used to provide support for structures. Capping a pile group further adds to the system's resistance due to the passive earth pressure from surrounding backfill. While ultimate passive earth pressure under static loading conditions can be readily calculated using several different theories, the effects of cyclic and dynamic loading on the passive earth pressure response are less understood. Data derived from the full-scale testing of a pile cap system with a densely compacted sand backfill under static, cyclic, and dynamic loadings was analyzed with particular focus on soil pressures measured directly using pressure plates. Based on the testing and analyses, it was observed that under slow, cyclic loading, the backfill stiffness was relatively constant. Under faster, dynamic loading, the observed backfill stiffness decreased in a relatively linear fashion. During cyclic and dynamic loading, the pile cap gradually developed a residual offset from its initial position, accompanied by a reduction in backfill force. While the pile cap and backfill appeared to move integrally during static and cyclic loadings, during dynamic loading the backfill exhibited out-of-phase movement relative to the pile cap. Observed losses in backfill contact force were associated with both cyclic softening and dynamic out-of-phase effects. Force losses due to dynamic loading increased with increasing frequency (which corresponded to larger displacements). Losses due to dynamic loading were offset somewhat by increases in peak force due to damping. The increase in contact force due to damping was observed to be relatively proportional to increasing frequency. When quantifying passive earth forces with cyclic/dynamic losses without damping, the Mononobe-Okabe (M-O) equation with a 0.75 or 0.8 multiplier applied to the peak ground acceleration can be used to obtain a reasonable estimate of the force. When including increases in resistance due to damping, a 0.6 multiplier can similarly be used.



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Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology; Civil and Environmental Engineering



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passive, pressure, force, dynamic, cyclic, pile cap, pile, foundation, siesmic, backfill, stiffness, damping, soil softening, stiffness softening, dense sand, lateral, earth pressure, residual offset, phase lag, phase angle, out-of-phase, out of phase, in-phase, in phase