The development and example applications of a new EBSD-based texture analysis system are presented. This new system uses the cross-correlation function to compare two EBSD patterns at a number of corresponding regions in each pattern to calculate the deformation gradient tensor. Bragg's Law-based simulated EBSD patterns are used as reference patterns in the cross-correlation method to enable the measurements of absolute elastic strain and lattice orientation at discrete points in a crystalline sample. The resolution limits of this new method are explored using a variety of computational and physical experiments. The simulated pattern method is estimated to be able to measure lattice orientations to within +/-0.02° and elastic strains to within +/-3.6x10-4 for small strains and +/-1x10-3 for large strains. Two example applications are demonstrated. The first demonstration is estimating the dislocation density in a 5.5% compressed Mg-based AZ91 alloy. Nye's and Kröner's formulations are used to estimate the dislocation density. Comparisons are made with traditional OIM measurements and it is found that the simulated pattern method offers an order of magnitude improvement in dislocation density estimations over OIM. The second demonstration is tetragonality measurements of HSLA 65 steel along the weld line of a friction stir welded plate. Accurate tetragonality measurements in the bainite phase of the steel can be made using information from the diagonal components of the elastic strain tensor. The measured tetragonality can be related to the concentration of interstitial carbon atoms in the iron lattice to find the carbon distribution in the sample. From these experiments, it is demonstrated that the simulated pattern method presents a new and powerful methodology for texture analysis that exhibits both ease of use and access to high resolution orientation and elastic strain data.



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Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology; Mechanical Engineering



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SEM, EBSD, steel, dislocations, strain