The purpose of this research study was to gather data on a sample of technology teacher candidates in order to determine how many graduates with a technology teaching endorsement actually entered the teaching profession. In addition, data were collected to investigate the attrition rate of the same pool of candidates. For those who left the education profession, the study also examined how long these individuals taught before leaving as well as investigated the reasons these individuals decided to leave the technology teaching profession. For those who have remained in the teaching profession this study also explored their reasons for remaining in education. In addition, data were collected regarding how many technology teaching candidates remained within the state of Utah as well as how many have accepted positions outside of the state of Utah. To accomplish these tasks, a survey instrument was designed to gather employment data from Technology Teacher Education (TTE) graduates of Brigham Young University over the last 14 years. There were 189 technology teacher education graduates from 1994-07. Contact information was located and compiled for 148 of the 189 graduates; therefore, the results of this survey were calculated using the 148 graduates with current contact information. Of the 148 potential participants in this study, 110 (74%) of the TTE graduates responded. From the responses of the 110 TTE graduates the following was determined. There were 85 of those who responded that entered the teaching profession; 84 of those graduates entered within two years of graduation. Of the 85 graduates entering education, 54 stayed in the state of Utah and 31 left the state to teach. There were 67 of 110 responders to the survey (60%) that reported they entered education within two years and have remained in education since graduation. One teacher out of the 85 entered education after attending graduate school. The survey indicated that 17 of the 85 teachers exited education which is equal to 20% of the responding educators leaving education. Of the 17 educators who left the profession six left the first year, and 13 of the 17 left sometime during the first three years. Of the 17 educators that left education, four returned to the profession.



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teacher shortage, teacher retention, Utah teacher shortage, teacher dissatisfaction, teacher retirement, technology teacher shortage, teaching subject areas with shortage, better employment opportunities, teachers not teaching, teachers that leave and return, why teachers leave education, why teachers stay in education



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