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John E. Davies


When i travel to India, China, and other growing nations, I am visibly struck by the living conditions I hear about, statistically, there is an estimated 4 billion people who live in poverty around the world. It's visible. It's tangible. But I am also hit, with equal impact, by the relentless and imaginative entrepreneurship I witness in these very same places by people who, from my frame of reference, have scarce resources.


John E. Davies is vice president of World Ahead for Intel Corporation. Davies is focused on creating demand for Intel platforms via Solutions, new usage models, and ecosystem scaling. He received his BS in chemistry and his PhD in solid state physics from Imperial College, London. Intel has awarded Davies two prestigious Individual Achievement Awards for establishing Intel in the European automotive market in 1986 and for driving Intel's mobile computing architecture into the Japanese market in 1992.



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ESR Review

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