Journal of Microfinance / ESR Review


This study seeks to better understand the ways chronic illness and death, possibly associated with HIV/AIDS, negatively affect households and the impact microcredit has had in helping affected households. This is achieved through analyzing data from clients of Zambuko Trust and from nonclient microentrepreneurs, using proxy indicators of HIV/AIDS affected households. It also investigates the vetting of members by loan guarantee groups and the ways these groups deal with individuals affected by illness and death. Since members of loan groups serve as gatekeepers to loans, the internal dynamics of these groups as well as the MFI's policies and loan terms and conditions are important to understanding any push factors that might exclude HIV/AIDS-infected and -affected individuals. Suggestions are provided from clients and other key stakeholders about changes that might assist microfinance institutions and their clients address the negative effects of HIV/AIDS.


Carolyn Barnes, with 20 years of Africa experience, currently works as an international consultant. Formerly, she was a senior technical staff member of Management Systems International.



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Journal of Microfinance

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