Submissions from 2016


Required and Non-Required College Physical Activity Classes Effect on College Students' Stress, Elizabeth Sharp and David Barney

Submissions from 2008


Save the World, Steven J. Hite


The Online Journal of Distance Education Reaches the 10-Year Mark: A Look Back Using Social Network Theory to Examine its Collaboration Network, Steven J. Hite, Julie M. Hite, Scott L. Howell, and Lenae Crandall


Sociocultural Aspects of Russian-speaking Parents' Choice of Language of Instruction for their Children in Estonia, Raija Pini Kemppainen, Scott Ellis Ferrin, Steven J. Hite, and Sterling C. Hilton

Submissions from 2007


HIV/AIDS Education: What African Youth Say is Effective, Steven J. Hite, W. James Jacob, Stacey A. Shaw, Donald E. Morisky, and Yusuf K. Nsubuga

Submissions from 2004


Discerning Trends, Contours, and Boundaries in Comparative Education: A Survey of Comparativists and Their Literature, Steven J. Hite, Bradley J. Cook, and Erwin H. Epstein

Submissions from 1997


Cultural Values and Education in Western Samoa: Tensions Between Colonial Roots and influences and Contemporary Indigenous Needs, Steven J. Hite, E. Vance Randall, and Gaugau Va'afuti Tavana