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Voice and Speech Directivity

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This directivity data set for a KEMAR head head-and-torso simulator (HATS) includes head orientations in 14 directions in 5° steps starting from 0° to 40° and then in 10° steps from 40° to 90°. The full spherical measurements followed at an a = 0.97 m radius with the mouth aperture at the spherical center. The sampling density and distribution followed the AES 5° dual-equiangular sampling standard, omitting the south pole (θ = 180°). Thus, each spherical directivity assessment included 36 polar-angle θ samples and 72 azimuthal-angle ϕ samples. The presented data include 22 1/3-octave bands, ranging from 80 Hz to 10 kHz. Based on narrow-band spherical harmonic expansions, far-field corrections are available for the 1/3-octave bands centered at 500 Hz and below.

KEMAR_head_orientation_directivity.csv (5052 kB)
Original measurement data

KEMAR_head_orientation_directivity_ff_corrections.csv (5047 kB)
Original measurement data with low-frequency, far-field corrections

data.mat (11552 kB)
Directivity factor functions in .mat format