gibberellic acid, physiological dormancy, seed coating, seed dormancy, germination, penstemon, restoration

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This file contains the data description for the Larson2023_Slow-release of GA3 Hormone… Supplementary File.

The excel file contains four worksheets: 1) Palmer’s germination, 2) Palmer’s biomass, 3) germination other species, 4) biomass other species. Blank cells indicate either no coating was used or there was no plant.

1) “Palmer’s germination” and “germination other species” A) Temp (o C): germination chamber temperature setting B) Species: common name of penstemon species tested (“germination other species” only) C) Treatment: seed coating treatment D) Final Germination percentage: percent of seed that germinated. E) FGP: final germination percent in decimal form F) Time to 50% germination (days): number of days until 50% of the seeds had germinated.

2) Palmer’s biomass A) ID: Treatment identifier B) Polymer: polymer used for the seed coating C) Form: polymer form when applied to the seed D) Block: study block the seedling was assigned to E) Shoot_length (cm): length of shoots in centimeters. F) Root_length (cm): length of roots in centimeters. G) Total_wt (g): total weight in grams. H) Shoot_wt (g): shoot weight in grams. I) Root_wt (g): root weight in grams. J) Root/Shoot_biomass: root weight divided by shoot weight.

3) biomass other species A) Species: common name of penstemon species tested B) Treatment: seed coating treatment C) Block: same as Palmer’s D) Shoot_length (cm): same as Palmer’s. E) Root_length (cm): same as Palmer’s F) Total_wt (g): same as Palmer’s G) Shoot_wt (g): same as Palmer’s. H) Root_wt (g): same as Palmers. I) Root/Shoot_biomass: same as Palmer’s

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Rio Tinto Kennecott, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, Brigham Young University, and the Simmons Research Endowment


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