gibberellic acid, seed coating, penstemon, restoration, furrows, forbs, habitat

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This dataset contains plant emergence and survival data collected from a field study which focused on overcoming seed dormancy. Seed dormancy can present a challenge within a restoration scenario where rapid establishment is required. Soaking seeds in gibberellic acid (GA3) can overcome dormancy and increase germination but this treatment may not be effective outside the laboratory. An easier and potentially more effective method to apply this hormone is to coat seeds with a GA3-impregnated polymer, which provides a slow release of GA3. Seed dormancy can also be mitigated by creating a favorable microsite with increased soil moisture, such as within deep furrows. We compared the emergence and establishment of penstemon seeds that were coated with GA3 to uncoated seeds planted in shallow drill rows versus deep, U-shaped furrows. These treatments were evaluated in fall and spring plantings at sites in the Great Basin Region of the United States.

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Natural Resource Conservation Service, Conservation Initiative Grant, Award# NR213A750013G004


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