Pressurized Oxy-Coal reactor, modeling data, reactor data, dry feed reactor, Dense Coal Transport Modeling, Dimensional Adaptive Radiation

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Data files in the zipped folders below contain research and development information related to the design, modeling, construction and testing of a pressurized, dry feed, oxy-coal reactor at Brigham Young University between 2016 and 2021. The reactor is a once-through system that includes a pressurized dry-coal feed system, a slagging combustion reactor, a spray quench and tube and shell heat exchanger for gas cooling, a cyclone particle collector, and gas depressurization and dilution system. The system is operated with an OPTO22 control system and includes instrumentation to measure gas and wall temperature profiles, radiative heat flux profiles (indicative of flame length), and gas concentrations. The system can be operated up to 20 atm and 100 kWt. This research project was funded by the US Department of Energy under contract DE-FE0029157.

The Data Description Document contains explanations of the files relating to both the modeling data and the reactor data.

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