formaldehyde, source apportionment, positive matrix factorization, Utah air quality

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Source of Formaldehyde in Bountiful, UT Data

This file contains the X and U matrix used in the positive matrix factorization analysis done on the data collected in Bountiful, UT. The X matrix contains the concentration of species measured and the U matrix is the calculated uncertainty in each measured value. This data is stored in the Excel format.

Included in this file is the two-hour averaged concentrations of formaldehyde and ozone, wind direction, time of day, and date that the data was collected at the Bountiful, UT air sampling site located at the Bountiful Utah High School. This data is stored in the Excel format.

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Citation: Bhardwaj, N.; Kelsch, A.; Eatough, D.J.; Thalman, R.; Daher, N.; Kelly, K.; Jaramillo, I.C.; Hansen, J.C. Sources of Formaldehyde in Bountiful, Utah. Atmosphere 2021, 12, x.

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Utah Department of Air Quality (UDAQ), Bountiful City Dichloromethane and Source Apportionment Study


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X and U matrix and formaldehyde and ozone concentrations

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