civilizational heritage, innovation


‘What has civilizational heritage to do with innovation?’ you may ask. ‘I just got the latest iPhone and don’t see any connection.’ You would not be the only one to ask this question.

If we backtrack a thousand years or so and look at innovations from the past, such as the Via Appia or the Colosseum, did the Romans think about civilizational heritage when they built these two magnificent structures? Did they care about civilizational heritage? What about the ancient Egyptians whose building innovation, ‘the pyramid,’ is still an enigma for us today?

Innovation is thus nothing new, but it is more pronounced than it has ever been before. Primarily, it is reflected in the way we term our world, the Age of Digitalization and Innovation, or as it is also called, the 4th Industrial Revolution. Across continents, innovation is regarded as the leading marker of progress and prosperity.

In this paper we will examine the significance and meaning of civilizational heritage and argue its importance and relevance to our world today.