Ethiopa, civilizations, historical traditions, modernization


This is a study of the historical traditions of Ethiopia and their value as basis for national identity considering the inescapable evolutionary trajectories of modernization.

Specific watershed events with catastrophic effects besieged Ethiopia, resulting in the precipitous decline of the values, dignity, and solemnity of the Ethiopian State. Challenges that contributed to the distancing of Ethiopia’s institutional identity from the loftiness of its roots will be covered.

The political and religious history of Ethiopia will be highlighted to establish landmark events of history, politics, and religion. Specific crises resulting in shifts in values, as well as various reactions to these shifts in values, will also be discussed. The rich tapestry of Ethiopian political experiences brings a challenge to the task of capturing the essential events that determined the country’s existence.

This paper also reveals a situation in which a civilization's most basic values and unique ways of life have been threatened without being adequately replaced. It will also show the difficulties that ensue when civilizations, alienated from their unique ancient traditions, attempt to cope with new adversities without the support such traditions historically have supplied.