Danilevsky, Russia and Europe, cultural-historic type, local civilization, Pan-Slavism, Slavophilism, Pochvennichestvo, Fourierism


The relations between Russia and the West have never been particularly easygoing or unambiguous, and, presently, they are yet again at an all-time low. The way to better understand, as well as to successfully communicate and cooperate with another society is through learning about evolution (and revolutions) of their (as well as one’s own) history and culture. Are there any important sources in the Russian cultural heritage that could illuminate these ages-old problems, tendencies, and trends? The year 2021 marks 150 years since publication of Nikolay Danilevsky's book Russia and Europe (1871), while the next one, the year 2022, denotes 200 years from the date of birth of Danilevsky (1822-1885) himself. The paper highlights multiple sociocultural, sociohistoric, geopolitical, and historiosophic layers of the Danilevsky’s enigmatic civilizational legacy. Based on that analysis, it suggests ways for improving relations between the West and Russia.