Ottomanism, Balkanism, nationalism, ethnicity, nation, identity, Byzantinism


Ottomanism as an ideology and way of life is nothing but a pale copy of Byzantinism. Ottomanism is the direct successor of the Eastern Roman Empire (the Byzantine Empire), which is the legal and sole successor to the only Roman Empire. But Ottomanism itself has not been sufficiently studied because much more attention has been paid to the way the Ottoman Empire was governed than to the identities that it sought to define as its own, which were in fact nothing more than a faint copy of Byzantinism before 1204.

Ottomanism can be defined as the imperial identity of the Ottoman Empire. But what is more interesting is the fact that the same identity is the successor of the Byzantine one — that is, Roman imperial identity, which did not recognize cultures and ethnicities. And Ottomanism is a solid basis for the development of the specific Balkan nationalism today, which is also known as Balkanism. A comparative analysis of the Ottomanism with Byzantinism and with the modern science of nations and nationalism will prove the hypothesis that: Ottomanism is the foundation for the modern Balkan nationalism.