Aliens, Civilization, Extraterrestrial Civilization, Fermi Paradox, God, Info-Communication, Intelligent Communication, Intelligent Design, Intelligent Machines, Post-Human Civilization, Undivided Universe, Universe Cycle


The article advances a synthesized view of the world based on an intelligently communicated undivided Universe. It presents a fundamental component-based architecture and characterizes the controlling role of info-communication processes in the interplanetary system. The Fermi Paradox is then considered, which leads to a discussion about the concept of God as it pertains to Albert Einstein’s and Stephen Hawking’s theories. The article next introduces the author’s own understanding of God. The approach adopted in this study situates Earth’s civilization within the broader context of extraterrestrial civilizations, and it considers what this means for modern humans. Further research is also suggested in this area regarding the current needs of human civilization on Earth. The study uses an IT approach that is based on systemintegrated info-communication processing. The approach is horizontal rather than vertical, which is popular for natural sciences such as physics and chemistry.