Civilization, Future of Civilization, Human rights, history


Dmitry Shlapentokh’s article on Russian Eurasianism [Comparative Civilizations Review: No. 81. 9-29, 2019] contains a number of questionable statements without any attempt at documentation in support of his thesis. For example, in explaining why his version of “Eurasianism” was marginalized in the “West,” he states Western observers approached Russia from the perspective that “the triumph of American-type capitalism …shall be the omega point of all humanity, including Russia.”[emphasis in the original]. Moreover, “Gorbachev and Yeltsin were deeply hated by the majority.” [My emphasis.] No references are cited in support of these extraordinary statements, which would indeed require some impossible poll of the perspective of such observers. Ironically, according to the web site of his own institution, although born in the Ukraine, Shlapentokh has been in the West at least since the 1980s, [https://clas.iusb.edu/history/ faculty-and-staff/shlapentokh.html, accessed October 21, 2019], so he is a “Western observer” himself.