Matthew Melko


comparative civilizations, general systems, culture, holistic approach, comparative study, inter-disciplinary, instruments of expansion, pattern phase development


Joseph Drew, editor-in-chief of the Comparative Civilizations Review, has updated and edited a paper from the early nineteen seventies composed by noted scholar and past president of the International Society for the Comparative Study of Civilization, Dr. Matthew Melko. In it, Dr. Melko advances the proposition that the best model for the study of civilizations -- exemplified by the model proposed by Dr. Carroll Quigley which advances a holistic method -- is the comparative study of civilizations. According to the paper, this model along with similar ones is the best avenue to study inter-civilizational connections. Another way noted by the paper is the general systems approach. The paper finds that this latter system is based on natural science and it is, although somewhat valid, not as interdisciplinary as the comparative study of civilizations; he notes that approaches such as Quigley’s include a vital ingredient missing in the systems approach—culture.