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Three seeds become lost in disparate parts of the world. In the Middle East, a bird discovers a cherry seed and carries it away, dropping it in a free-flowing creek while in flight. When floodwaters propel it downstream, it finds refuge on dry land. There, it blossoms, bearing sweet and plentiful fruit. In the distant land of Australia, an acacia seed is transported by a team of ants and buried deep beneath the soil where no sunlight can possibly extend its rays. A wildfire soon ravages the nearby acacia groves, enabling the seed to surface and at last receive the nourishment it needs to thrive. A lotus seed, far away from the others, twists and turns in its pod as a hurricane tumults the Asian lake waters, creating countless crevices in the earth. Once the land dries out, the seed lies thirsty for one hundred years. Finally, rain waters fall, and the crater in which it rests fills. There, there the seed awakens and develops into a gorgeous lotus plant.