Erica Sonzogni


Significant Shortcomings, Toddler, Preschool, Abcs, Learning, Education, Children, Gingerbread

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Book Review


Learning the ABCs is a foundational skill, and while alphabet books are not always the most exciting, this one is more mundane. Each page dedicated to one letter focuses on putting that letter at the beginning of the word, with the exception of x, which is in the final letter in its word so readers can understand the sound that letter makes. The photographs and the examples for each letter are basic. D shows a door, dog, doctor, dime, duck, and dinosaur. Familiar words do allow children to learn, but a unique word or item would add interest. Despite the title Gingerbread Boy and Me, the character makes relatively few appearances, showing up at the beginning, at the end, and on a few pages where he helps illustrate a concept, such as the i page, with the picture showing him “in” a box. Overall, this is a generic ABC book without much uniqueness to offer.