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Moth: An Evolution Story


Outstanding, Primary, Evolution, Life-Cycle, Nature

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Book Review


Light and black peppered moths have many commonalities. They both begin their journeys evolving from their protective cocoons into insects with delicate wings. Most are speckled and freckled, though occasionally, they're born with wings the color of charcoal, appearing as dark as night. Over time, the light peppered moths win the game of survival and reign the day and night. Then, as the world transitions into one of factories that pollute the atmosphere and machines fueled by coal, tree branches soak up the blackness that surrounds them. Something miraculous happens, and the black peppered moths return, multiply, and camouflage with the denigrated trees. The light peppered moths, unable to blend in, become easy prey. They nearly disappear, until the world decides to change as cities become greener and the air cleaner. Today, after years of fighting to stay alive, both variations coexist in all their brilliance.