Article Title

Madame Badobedah


Jazmin Gomez


Outstanding, Preschool, Primary, Mystery, Friendship, Adventure, Intergenerational

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Book Review


Mabel lives by the ocean at the Mermaid Hotel, which is the perfect place for an adventurer like her. Life becomes much more interesting when a new hotel guest arrives. Mabel decides that the new guest, who is aloof and a bit rude and whom she has named Madame Badobedah, is a villain on the run from the police. Donning her spy outfit, Mabel is intent on catching her until one morning, when Madame Badobedah unexpectedly invites Mabel in for tea. Reluctantly, she accepts, and so begins a beautiful relationship. Together, spy and supervillain play cards, sail in a pirate ship, and sunbathe with mermaids. As they spend time together, Mabel learns more about the value of their friendship.