Article Title

Girls on the Verge


Taylor Bitton


Significant Shortcomings, Young Adult, Coming Of Age, Abortion, Road Trip, Texas, Friendship

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Book Review


Life was going perfectly for Camille until she realized she was pregnant. Now, instead of going to her high school's competitive drama camp, Camille has to figure out how to get an abortion. That is no easy task in Texas, and Camille feels judged by her best friend, Bea, who is a devout Christian. Feeling alone and embarrassed, Camille turns to an acquaintance named Annabelle for help. They devise a plan to travel to the border, and Bea, feeling terribly about abandoning her friend, insists on joining them. The three embark on the journey, where they learn about life, love, sex, and friendship. Ultimately, Camille is able to get the abortion, gaining the confidence she needs to take control of her own life.