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The Scarecrow


Jazmin Gomez


Excellent, Preschool, Primary, Scarecrows, Birds, Friendship

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Book Review


It is autumn in the golden fields, and lonely Scarecrow stands guard. As winter gives way to spring, a baby crow suddenly falls from a tree. Scarecrow breaks his pole to bend down and save the scared bird. He tucks him into his chest of hay and they instantly become friends. The crow grows and learns to fly, and when summer comes, he makes his way into the world. Scarecrow is left alone again to face the autumn chill and winter winds. But as spring approaches once more, the large crow returns and Scarecrow welcomes him with open arms. This time the black bird is here to stay, and he has brought his mate along. They grow their family alongside Scarecrow, and the love between these unlikely friends endures throughout the seasons.