Article Title

The Secret Garden


Sydnee Burr


Outstanding, Preschool, Primary, Garden, Growth, Friendship, Create, Bloom

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Book Review


An unhappy little girl named Mary finds herself all alone in a dark, quiet manor and hates everything about it: the silence, the food, and even the moor. One day, a gardener tells Mary about a secret garden that once bloomed in the summer sun. It has since been locked up and left all alone, and suddenly Mary begins to warm to her surroundings. A friendly robin shows Mary a key to the garden. With the help of Dickon, who knows everything there is to know about plants and animals, they decide to give the withered garden new life. One day, when it was too wet outside to explore, Mary wanders the empty halls and hears someone crying. The crying begins again at night and Mary discovers a cousin hidden away, doing poorly in health and in spirit. Mary and Dickon begin to help cousin Colin out into the garden, reviving him along with the blooms.