Tessa McMillan


Monsters, Friendships, Adventure Stories, Fantasy, Intermediate, Cannot Recommend

Document Type

Book Review


Cordelia and her father Cornelius are the caretakers of an old manor filled with monsters. One night, Cordelia finds her father and almost all the monsters missing. With the help of a friendly street urchin named Gregory and three remaining monsters, she sets out on the hunt for Cornelius. Led to a New York City circus and then a college campus in Halifax, Canada, they find a likely suspect in Byron Newton-Plancke, a millionaire who uses his influence to do away with unsavory creatures for the public good. Returning home, Cordelia and her friends break into Plancke’s estate, but fall into a trap. Plancke uses Cordelia to lure Cornelius out of hiding. When Cornelius arrives to save his daughter, a fight ensues. Plancke’s true identity is then revealed, and Cordelia and her friends use their extensive knowledge of monsters to defeat the enemy.