Tessa McMillan


Lewis Carroll, Friendship, Fantasy, Adventure And Adventure Stories, Wonderland, Puzzles, Intermediate, Excellent

Document Type

Book Review


Moving to a new town means Celia can try to hide her dyslexia. Stuck at her mother’s new job at the library, Celia meets Tyrus, a boy obsessed with books. A voice leads them to her mother’s office where they find a chest with four old diaries. Opening one, they are transported into Wonderland. Sylvan, a white rabbit, tells them that a destructive plague is infesting Wonderland. It was prophesied that Wonderland will end unless another Alice saves it. Constantly on the run from the Red Queen, who is hunting them to open portals outside Wonderland, they meet others who help them find a prophecy. Celia realizes that the prophecy is her name switched around. Knowing she can save Wonderland, Celia and Tyrus take on the Red King, stopping the devastation that would return the land to its former “mad” glory.