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Amanda Morgan


Self, Emotion, Freewill, Agency, Choice, Primary, Intermediate, Outstanding

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Book Review


Cog, short for cognitive development, is a smart robot. He knows how to follow a shopping list and make hot chocolate. He also feels a lot of things, like pain when he gets hit by a truck and sadness when he’s taken away from Gina. Gina was the person who cared for him, but now he has to live with other people who say that Gina was bad. Determined to be reunited with her, Cog plans an escape. He meets four other robots, Proto, Car, Trashbot, and ADA. Together they search for Gina and fight for their freewill. Cog experiences a lot along the way, both good and bad. These experiences teach him that while feelings can be confusing and hurtful, they are necessary to a happy life.