Article Title

Wait Till Helen Comes


Karen Abbott


Ghost, Fire, Death, Blended Family, Intermediate, Excellent

Document Type

Book Review


Molly and Michael have a new stepsister, Heather, who does everything she can to make their lives miserable and drive a wedge between her father and their mother. When the family moves to a converted church, Heather becomes fascinated by a hidden grave that has her initials on the stone. As she pulls farther away from the family, Molly begins to realize that she is in real danger from a mysterious ghost named Helen. Then, Helen tries to drown Heather in the pond. When Molly rescues and revives her, the girls find shelter in an old cottage, where they discover the bones of Helen's parents. Among the wreckage, Heather confesses that she accidentally started the fire that killed her mother, leading the girls into a new relationship as sisters.