Article Title

The Will and the Wilds


Karen Abbott


Beauty And Beast, Fairy Tale, Romance, Sacrifice, Magic, Young Adult, Excellent

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Book Review


Enna is scientifically interested in the Mystings of the nearby forest. She’s fully aware of how dangerous they are, since her mother was killed by them while giving birth to her. Now the Mystings wish to kill her for the protection charm that she wears. Foolishly, Enna uses her knowledge to summon a powerful Mysting for protection, binding herself to him in exchange for killing the beasts. However, the Mysting ends up trapped and is slowly dying without the power of his realm to heal him. Together, she and the Mysting struggle to survive and break the curse that binds them. Though a war between their worlds is imminent and their forbidden love could be torn apart, Enna's intelligence and her beast's heart allow them to defeat the powers of evil.