Boarding Schools, Library Technicians, Detective and Mystery, Humorous Stories, Intermediate, Significant Shortcomings

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Book Review


Daphne Blakeway has been extended an offer for brand-new start, with a scholarship, and a job as an assistant librarian at St. Rita’s School for Spirited Girls. But upon arrival, Daphne quickly discovers that this is no ordinary school. There’s a crater in the driveway from a chemistry mishap, an alarmingly large hole in the dormitory floor from a cannonball, and questionable food in the dining hall. However, Daphne’s most distressing discoveries are in the library. A recent fire destroyed the old library and left the shelves nearly empty, the head librarian who hired Daphne is on indefinite sick leave, and the small girl now running the library, Emily Lime, seems rather put out that Daphne is there at all. Amid the turmoil in this school, Daphne and the other student librarians band together to investigate and solve a series of curious mysteries, including a break-in, thefts, and a case of a missing student.