Article Title

Sneaky Beak


Amanda Morgan


Priorities, Gratitude, Gratefulness, Preschool, Primary, Excellent

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Book Review


Bear’s life is just fine until he sees a commercial for the Snores-Galore Mega bed. The salesbird Sneaky Beak makes him feel like his bed just isn’t bouncy enough. So, Bear buys a Snores-Galore Mega bed. When Sneaky Beak shows up, he points out that Bear’s tub isn’t bubbly enough. His cereal isn’t crunchy enough. And maybe Bear needs a vacation rocket to take him to space. Bear buys everything Sneaky Beak offers him, but his life doesn't seem to get any better. Then, up in space, Bear realizes that everything he thought was important is so small. When he returns to earth he understands he doesn't need any of Sneaky Beak’s products to be happy.