Tessa McMillan


World War, History, Spies, Intermediate, Young Adult, Excellent

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Book Review


During World War II, eight German men volunteered to infiltrate the United States and bomb key factories and railroads. On a secluded estate in Germany, these men learned how to fight, spy, and to become experts with explosives. Divided into two teams, they planned for four men to infiltrate New York while the others came in from Florida. Dropped off by a submarine off the coast, each group was given explosives and money to help their efforts. Unfortunately, the New York group was discovered soon after their landing, and the men fled into the city to hide among the crowds. Realizing their work was already over, George Dasch and his comrade Peter Burger contacted the FBI and confessed their sabotage plans. A military tribunal was held, and six of the eight men were sentenced to death. Dasch and Burger were sentenced to prison until 1948, when they were deported back to Germany.