Maryn Wheeler


Nonfiction, Polar Exploration, Arctic, Fridtjof Nansen, Young Adult, Outstanding

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Book Review


In 1893, Fridtjof Nansen locked his specially-designed boat in Arctic ice with the goal of reaching the North Pole. As an adventurer, explorer, and scientist, he had dreamed of this adventure that no one had achieved before. He studied previous polar exploration attempts and hand-picked twelve men to accompany him. After two years locked in ice, he realized that the current would not take him to the North Pole. He left his ship and crew to set out on the ice with one man, three sleds, and twenty-seven sled dogs. Their expected sled journey of 100 days took 18 months, finally returning to Norway and getting closer to the North Pole than anyone ever had. Nansen was reunited with his ship and crew in August of 1896, and he lead an extraordinary life contributing to science, exploration, and humanity. His daring expedition greatly advanced scientific knowledge for polar exploration.