Article Title

Girl Under a Red Moon


Jaimee Pease


China, Families, Political Persecution, Communism, Siblings, Intermediate, Young Adult, Outstanding

Document Type

Book Review


Life is hard for all the people of Yellow Stone village in the remote Fujian province of China, where Mao Zedong’s cultural revolution is on the rise. Thirteen-year-old Sisi wants to join the Red Guard and prove her loyalty to China, but she can't escape the notoriety of her family’s bourgeois past. Shunned by her principal and rejected by her peers, Sisi must flee before the Red Guard comes for her. Together with her youngest brother Da, Sisi seeks sanctuary at a school in a neighboring town protected by kind, old Principal Jin. Life there proves to have its own challenges. As Sisi and Da work hard and make friends, the revolution escalates and the recently appointed Commissar Lai brings danger for everyone.