Karen Abbott


Outstanding, Intermediate, Ghost, Friendship, Honesty, Truth, Babysitting, Family Drama

Document Type

Book Review


Ali is invited to babysit her five-year-old cousin, Emma, at the family cabin for the summer. There, Ali hopes to solve a mystery about a girl in a photograph taken at the lake. One day at the beach, Ali and Emma meet a very disagreeable girl named Sissy. Emma is immediately taken with her new friend, but Ali has reservations. As Emma spends time with Sissy, her behavior spins out of control. Ali then discovers that Sissy is the ghost of the girl in the photograph. Sissy’s disappearance is linked to a forbidden canoe trip that is connected to the two girls’ mothers. Now her ghost wants revenge, and it’s up to Ali to ensure that the truth is told so that the participants can face effects of their deception and find peace.