Karen Abbott


Outstanding, Intermediate, Creepy, Paranormal, Ghosts, Friends, Snow, Trapped

Document Type

Book Review


Ollie, Coco, and Brian are still struggling to lead normal lives after their show down with the Smiling Man. On their way to the grand opening of a new ski lodge on Hemlock Mountain, paranormal activity begins to haunt them. Coco has a dream about the Smiling Man, and as they approach the lodge she sees a mysterious skier in a blue jacket in the middle of the road. The collection of taxidermy animals at the lodge keep changing positions, and the hallway on the second floor is very eerie. When the only other guest at the lodge reveals himself to be the Smiling Man, Ollie is manipulated into a trap inside the mirrors. The friends use their intelligence to outwit the Smiling Man and pull Ollie back into the real world, but even as they celebrate their triumph, the Smiling Man hints that the game is not over yet.