Tessa McMillan


Excellent, Young Adult, Einstein, Genius, Spies, Adventure, Mixed Race

Document Type

Book Review


For seventy years, the CIA has been searching for Albert Einstein’s final equation: a shortcut for harnessing atomic energy called Pandora. Einstein left a clue to Pandora on his deathbed, but no one has solved it. Now a German terrorist group, the Furies, is on the trail. To get ahead, the CIA wants to bring someone as smart as Einstein into their confidence: twelve-year-old prodigy, Charlie Thorne. When CIA agents Dante Garcia and Milana Moon find her, she resists. But once they explain their predicament, she agrees to help, especially since Dante is her half-brother. Working together they solve Einstein’s clue revealing a complex riddle, which leads them to Jerusalem. Finding the Furies are there too, a violent struggle ensues, attracting Israel’s own covert agency, the Mossad. Using her amazing intellect, Charlie solves the riddle that leads them to Mount Wilson Observatory in California where they find Pandora, just as the Furies’ leader and Mossad agents swarm in. It’s up to Charlie save Pandora before anyone else can take the equation from her.