Cynthia Frazier


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, World War Ii, Great Britain, Bombing Of London, Club Foot, Siblings, Historical Fiction

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Book Review


Ada has never left the one-room apartment she shares with her mother and brother Jamie. Mam is ashamed of Ada because she is a cripple and treats her like a slave. Ada’s only joy is caring for her younger brother and looking out the window at the street below when Mam is away. When the news comes that children are being evacuated to the country to avoid German bombs, it’s their chance to escape. Ada and Jamie board a train to Kent without their mother’s knowledge. Assigned to the home of Susan Smith, an unhappy single woman who didn't want to have them, a new life begins for the trio. Ada learns to read, ride, and care for a pony, but one thing she can't do is start trusting and caring for Susan. She knows that the clean clothes, good food, and kindness would go away if Mam takes them back to London, so for Ada, hope is more dangerous than war.