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Bruce's Big Storm


Karen Abbott


Dependable, Preschool, Primary, Bear, Neighbors, Storms, Natural Disaster, Friendship

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Book Review


A storm brings all of Bruce's neighbors into his home. When a mouse sees a bunny struggling, he grabs Bruce's favorite umbrella to set out for the rescue. He is unfortunately swept away by the storm, and even Bruce’s enormous weight is not enough to prevent them from being tugged up towards a tree. All the animals then form a chain to pull them safely home. But when a tree blows into the roof, they have to snuggle by the fireplace until they can return home. This leaves a very grumpy Bruce to survey the damage, until all of his friends return and repair the roof. They even add an addition to the back of the cabin to make his home the neighborhood gathering place, even though Bruce is not entirely happy with the new arrangement.