Jazmin Gomez


Excellent, Preschool, Primary, Animals, Music, Friendship

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Book Review


Hector enjoys playing his fiddle on the streets of New Orleans with his canine friend, Hugo, by his side. When he becomes disheartened, he puts his fiddle away for good. Hector distracts himself with other hobbies and has no idea that Hugo has been spending months learning to play the fiddle. Hector hears him one night and sees how much Hugo loves playing. News of the fiddle-playing dog spreads, and he is soon recruited by the famous piano-playing bear. As Hugo is leaving to tour with the band, Hector’s jealousy leads him to say hurtful things. When the band returns to New Orleans, a remorseful Hector attends the performance. Hugo helps fulfill Hector’s dream by giving him a chance to perform in the great concert hall, and Hector realizes that their friendship can endure through the good and the bad.