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Emily Loveless


Excellent, Primary, Intermediate, Children'S, Mouse & Rodent, Action & Adventure

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Book Review


Iris Espinosa never expected to befriend a mouse at the cinema, much less to have it fall asleep in her sweater pocket and come home with her. Such a friendly and daring mouse deserves a fitting name, and so Douglas was named after Iris’s favorite movie hero, Douglas Fairbanks. Soon enough, Douglas must live up to the reputation of her namesake by evading hysterical humans, a persistent and hungry neighborhood cat, a lonely friendless boy, and navigating her way across the gulfs of alleyways to find her way back to the cinema and its delicious popcorn. Things only get direr when Douglas finds herself in a building surrounded by a whole pack of cats. But with a new friend to rescue and the unwitting assistance of a passerby’s broad-brimmed hat, two mice are finally able to reach their destination and reunite with Iris.