Article Title

Up Verses Down


Krista Alletto


Outstanding, Toddler, Preschool, Primary, Intermediate, Poems, Paintings, Silly, Rhyme

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Book Review


Up Verses Down is a collection of poems and paintings ranging in topic from family trees to footie pajamas. The book is divided up into sections titled “People Are People,” “Food-Stuffs,” “Sleepy time,” Odd-Ments,” and “Animal Life.” In one short poem entitled “Borscht,” Brown describes a wanderer in a bog. He likens the sky to red borscht and then pokes fun at his own poetry in these lines, saying “The air was like borscht./ This poem is the worscht./ The rhymes are forscht.” In another poem entitled “Simile Park,” the voice describes a favorite place that is “as vast as the sea/ and as precious to me/ as a diamond aglow in the dark.” Another poem, “GO! DO!” lists many wacky, creative activities to do on an afternoon like “Knit an ugly sweater/ for a favorite family pet./ Eat a massive sundae/ that you instantly regret.” The last poem of the collection is a general celebration of poems in all their varieties.