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Rebecca Lambert


Dependable, Young Adult, Family History, Ghosts, Death, Fiction

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Book Review


Trace remembers himself, his parents, and their car sinking into a river and a woman's hands pulling him through the car window to safety. However, when first responders arrived on the scene and fished out the vehicle, they saw that all the windows of the car were shut. How did Trace survive? Trace thinks it might have been ghosts who pulled him to safety. He keeps seeing the ghost of a little boy, lost and crying, in the basement of the New York City library. As Trace does some research for a school project, he discovers that a boy may have perished in a fire, and this boy might be his great, great, great, great uncle. On top of this, every day and every night, Trace has to relive the horrific events of his parents' deaths. In the end, Trace comes to terms with his parents' deaths and realizes that the line between the dead and the living is very thin.