Danielle Dallas


Excellent, Intermediate, Magic, Witch, Orphan, Friendship

Document Type

Book Review


Lovable, kind, ordinary Birdie Bloom is doomed to the gloomiest of existences in the prison of Ms. Foulweather’s Home for the Tragical. In Birdie’s world, wicked witches may use evil spells, fairy godmothers are permitted good magic, and ordinary citizens may be the beneficiaries of either. But because the best possible outcomes are reserved for the Triumphants, Tragicals naturally get the cruelest endings. It’s not that Birdie chose a tragical existence, but in the land of Wanderly, no one dares, or even imagines, to leave their assigned role. That is, until a mysterious wind delivers a cryptic letter to Birdie from a discontent wicked witch. Encouraged by the magical wind, Birdie writes a return letter to the singular Agnes Prunella Crunch, setting off a series of humorous communications and events that teach Birdie that the power she has over her own storybook ending also positively affects others.