Article Title

The Moon Within


Amanda Bishop


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, Gender, Identity, Latinx, Verse, Friendship

Document Type

Book Review


Celi isn’t as excited about her changing body as her mother is. She is nervous about the changes it will bring in her life, and isn’t sure if she is ready to become a woman. But this doesn't stop her mother from insisting on a Mexica Moon Ceremony to celebrate her first period. Her mother is deeply involved in holistic healing and the celebration of the female body as well as incorporating their history. As Celi dreads her impending initiation, she latches onto the things in her life that she enjoys the most, particularly Bamba dancing while her best friend Magda plays the drums. But Magda is going through their own changes as they decide that they are more male than female, and begins to identify themself as Marco. Celi has to learn to navigate changes in friendships and relationships, her first crush, and her own personal changes, all while discovering the person she would like to be.