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5-Minute Marvel Stories


Amanda Morgan


Excellent, Preschool, Primary, Marvel, Hero, Super Heroes, Action

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Book Review


Join mighty heroes on adventures to protect the galaxy from all kinds of evil. Miles Morales is just an average kid until the day he is bitten by a spider and becomes a Spider-Man. Gamora travels with the guardians of the galaxy and learns that friends can be family. Steve Rogers isn’t physically cut out to be a soldier, but he is chosen to be the world’s first super soldier. For the first time, Spider-Man gets to work together with the other avengers. Hawkeye and Black Widow learn to trust each other, even when they want to argue. Captain Marvel becomes the most powerful superhuman in the universe. Iron Man discovers that violence isn’t always the answer. Black Panther fights to save the people and animals of his country. Star Lord learns to give new friends the benefit of the doubt. From Earth to far-away planets, these heroes are working hard to stand up for what is right.