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Rebecca Lambert


Dependable, Intermediate, Science Fiction, Space, Aliens, Adventure

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Book Review


Zachary Night comes from a long line of Starbounders, the protectors and peacekeepers of the galaxy. His parents take him to a secret base called Indigo 8, where Starbounders are trained to fight rebel aliens, move in zero gravity, and pilot spaceships. However, after only a few weeks Zachary's training is put to the test. His ship gets hijacked by intergalactic criminals who were mistakenly transported onto their ship instead of the asteroid prison. Zachary and his friends escape and call for help. But when one of their rescuers tries to kill them, they are forced to travel from planet to planet, trying to discover the true villains. As they discover a traitor and a plot to destroy Earth, it’s up to Zachary and his friends to warn the other Starbounders before it's too late.